Master Quest (Competitive Pokemon Guide) – Roles: Leads


Hey guys, Anthony here, and today I’ll be teaching you the different types of roles your Pokemon can have on your team. Today, we’ll be talking about Lead Pokemon.

A lead Pokemon is generally a Pokemon you’ll lead off with you get up entry hazards or to gain momentum with fast U-Turns or Volt Switches. Leads can also help gain momentum by scaring out potential threats. Examples of potential leads are Whimsicott, Mienshao, and Smeargle. Any Pokemon can be a potential lead, but it’s good to keep in mind those that are usually leads.

Lead Pokemon usually run items like Choice Scarf, Leftovers, or Focus Sash.

There’s really no standard nature or EV spread for Leads, so it’s all dependent on the Pokemon.

Common Moves are:

Sticky Web, Stealth Rocks, Taunt, Spikes, Volt Switch, or U-Turn.

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