PTSD, Addiction, & Jessica Jones – Comic Catalyst Review


Who is Jessica Jones? Is she a superhero? Maybe even an Avenger? Nope. She’s neither. Jessica Jones is a down-on-her-luck, Private Eye who gets herself into more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. She was going to join the Avengers, but something horrible happened that changed her life forever.

In the Netflix series, she’s played by Kristen Ryder, and the story follows her as she tries to confront the man that kidnapped, raped, and controlled her for a portion of her life. This man is Kilgrave, played by David Tennant. The show is a sort of character study, as you realize that most of the characters that surround Jessica represent a problem she’s facing, (i.e. Malcolm with addiction, Patricia with arrogance, etc.) The show feels more like a 13-episode long movie rather than episodic adventures. Each episode continues off the last and feels actually pretty smooth.

Wondering how to get more into Jessica Jones? I recommend reading Jessica Jones: Alias. You can find a link to the comics in the description below. Alias is a comic book nerd’s fantasy. It follows Jessica through her extremely bizarre adventures. It differs a LOT from the show. There are a lot of guest stars (Jessica Drew, Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Captain Marvel) that play big roles throughout the series.