Spider-Man to Join The Avengers?


Rumors have begun to spread that Sony and Marvel are talking, and though it sounds like a grade school relationship, it’s very real. Sony owns the cinematic rights to Peter Parker and Marvel wants him back, if only for a short while. Spider-Man has a history with the Avengers in the comics and a movie adaptation between “Spider-Man” and “The Avengers” isn’t as far out of reach.


Now, these are just rumors and speculation, and Entertainment Weekly has reported that Sony doesn’t want to share, although it would be beneficial to everyone involved. There are two scenarios to consider for this movie to happen:


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A movie with the Sinister Six, which is confirmed, has to flop. Why? Sony has to make a “Spider-Man” movie every three years to keep the contract valid. The flop would force Sony to chat with Marvel about making the wonderful crossover movie that we all want. The other scenario involves a lot of waiting. Like, 2020 waiting. Sony loses the rights at that time, so Spidey goes back to Marvel. Marvel has plenty of characters and concepts to whet our appetites in the meantime, so for now, Marvel will press on without Spider-Man and hope that one day their prodigal son will return.