“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Spoiler-Free Quick Review


“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was just that- amazing. I have not once seen a superhero movie that took underlying themes and used it to tie together it’s characters and plot. There were underlying themes of time and hope that really got to you, tying you up in the movie. The acting was phenomenal. Andrew Garfield is by far the best Spider-Man, hands down. His quirkiness, physique, and everything fit so well into his character. Garfield’s acting felt natural, just like the acting in every other Marvel movie. Emma Stone did just as well- if not better- as Gwen Stacy in this movie than the last. You can really feel her love for Peter, and the greatest part is that it feels genuine. The chemistry between Stone and Garfield is undeniable at this point. She is in love with Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. Jamie Foxx did an amazing job as Electro. It was a bit odd seeing him go from badass cowboy to nerdy, lonely scientist- but hey, it worked. The greatest part about Electro was his theme of loneliness, it practically became his aura. Not once was the theme dropped, and it worked perfectly. It gave definition to Electro; rather than the time old, “I’m angry and I want to take it out on people.” His backstory was realistic. It was relatable enough that anyone could put themselves into his shoes. I was shocked by his electrifying performance. I walked into the movie feeling like he would be sort of dull and grounded, but his acting and lines were more than captivating- it was magnetizing.

Now enough with the electric jokes. Dan DaHaan played Harry Osbourne perfectly. His face screamed “pampered rich kid with daddy issues” from the first moment he hit the screen. His transformation to the Green Goblin was done better than his characterization tenfold. Not to mention they made Rhino really freaking awesome and we need more of Rhino. I actually cried in the theater, and I highly doubt I was the only one . I felt for all of these characters and it really revitalized my love for Spider-Man. It’s so rare for sequels to be good nowadays, and then this one comes in and really throws it all over the top. I will save you the spoilers and not get too in-depth on my analysis of the motifs of hope, time, and loneliness, but they honestly tied the movie together. Every character, from Peter Parker  to Electro, felt the rushing of time, the hopelessness and then the rise of hope, and felt alone. You couldn’t have had all these characters in it and had it work without that key string. By creating this connecting web of motifs, it made each character feel necessary as opposed to forced.

My final verdict- go see it. It is definitely a must see movie for comic fans, movie buffs, and the casual crowd who just think Andrew Garfield is hot. I recommend this for everyone. Go see it. If you’ve already seen it, go see it again. I’m sure you already want to. Tell us your thoughts on the movie down in the comments below! Make sure to mark your spoilers!