Agitha and Lana Confirmed For “Hyrule Warriors”


Recently, the official website for Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei’s “Hyrule Warriors” announced that there will be 2 new, very unexpected playable characters.

The first is Agitha, the creepy girl who collects the golden bugs in Twilight Princess. I bet no one saw that coming.It seems as if she will use different bug summons to do her bidding and ravage through the enemies. She’s shown summoning a giant green stag beetle to ram through these moblins


The last is a new character made specifically for the game, Lana. She’s shown casting spells with her magic book. Maybe she’s a witch?


Zant has also been confirmed to make an appearance in the game as well as an additional Twilight Princess-themed stage. There will also be Twilight Princess costumes for Link and Zelda bundled with the Treasure Box. What do you guys think? Tell us down in the comments below!zant_ss01Source: (GenGAME)