Blizzcon 2014 Day 2 Coverage and Highlights



This is part 2 of a two part article on Blizzcon 2014, if you haven’t already seen the first article, I recommend viewing it first HERE

With the completion of the first day of Blizzcon, we rested, and jumped right back into the action with a World of Warcraft Live Raid showing off some new stuff from Warlords of Draenor with a bit of competition between two prominent groups. Simultaneously, the Heroes of the Storm – Sounds of the Nexus panel that shows off the many sounds from the upcoming game. Then the Overwatch Panel returned to go farther in-depth into the game followed by a Q & A. The next events where Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive, a deep discussion about all the finer things in the game, and Evolving Reaper of Souls, a panel that goes over the evolution of the latest Diablo 3 installment. The con then followed up into a Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void Multiplayer panel that introduced us to the new units we will get with the new expansion. On another stage, a panel went through the production and process of making the Lords of War cinematic series.

The next panel was a World of Warcraft Q&A alongside the Starcraft 2 WSC Global Finals. As the finals raged on, the Q&A came to an end leading into the premier of the World of Warcraft documentary titled Looking for Group.

The Closing Ceremony showed us a recap video of the weekend’s shenanigans. Then the bands took the stage, starting with L90ETC and their powerful metal WoW inspired songs including the Blizzard CEO on bass. The final act, was the one and only Metallica, which ended the con in style. We faced the master of puppets and rode the lightning to victory.
And so Blizzcon 2014 ended as fast as it came. Heart-pounding moments and enough coal to fuel twenty hype trains. As our journey comes to an end, I leave you with the final results of all the tournaments that took place during Blizzcon.

First, the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship results!

WoW finals

Second, the Starcraft 2 WCS Global Finals results!

Starcraft final

Third, the Hearthstone World Championship results!

Hearthstone finals

and finally, the Heroes of the Storm Exhibition results!

Heroes finals