Comic Bento Opening | ANIMAL PLANETS | August 2016


Comic Bento is a monthly subscription service where you spend $20 a month and get a curated box with almost $60 worth of comics.

Hey friends, Anthony from UzerFriendly here, and August’s theme is Animal Planets!

xocThe first comic, Xoc: The Journey of a Great White, comes as a hardcover book from Oni Press. You take a journey with Xoc, a female shark, as she travels 2300 miles from the costs of California to Hawaii. She encounters prey, predators, and pollution. This was an incredibly interesting book that caught my attention from page 1. –$19.99

courtroom_previewSam & Fuzzy: Fix Your Problems, a webcomic written by Sam Logan and published by Blind Ferret Entertainment is a comedic graphic novel with an exclusive cover. The Ninja Mafia Services will help your problems with gangster gerbils looting your cellar or stalker vampires getting in your space. I’m really enjoying this one. Every few pages had me snickering or laughing like a fool. $18

51vxnrv1rrlOur 3rd comic, Homecoming, has a Comic Bento exclusive cover. Published by Aspen comics, Hunter Wilson is just an average American teenager in an average American town, but when the beautiful and amnesiac Celeste arrives in his backyard, Hunter’s life will change forever. Hunter must help Celeste regain her memory while he tries to keep himself and his friends safe from an alien invasion


81gg7fny0lJurassic Strike Force 5 published by Silver Dragon Books. You can’t get more 80s than this. A boy and a team of weapon wielding, armor wearing, mutated Dino-soldiers must fight the evil alien overlord, Zalex, from conquering Earth!  $9.99

And this was August’s Animal Planet Comic Bento. Make sure to use our link to get free shipping off your first bento box!

Total – $58