“Dead Space” Free On Origin


The popular survivor-horror game, “Dead Space”, is free on Origin right now as a PC Download2432714-threeronecdeadspace3. The price used to be $20. Definitely pick up a copy if you’ve ever wanted to try it!

Enter a world of sci-fi survival horror.

The last time Isaac Clarke heard his girlfriend’s voice, it was from a distress call sent out from the USG Ishimura. Download Dead Space to your PC to take control of Isaac as he and his crew set off on a rescue mission.

When Isaac and his crew crash land on the Ishimura, things get ugly… fast. Reanimated human corpses called Necromorphs immediately massacre the crew in a gorefest of unparalleled violence. If you can stomach the slaughter, there’s a game left to play. Isaac survives the bloodbath, but it’s only the beginning of his nightmare.

Experience gameplay unique to the survival horror genre. Perfect headshots do nothing in Dead Space. You have to dismember the monsters, hacking them apart limb by limb. Everything takes place in real time, so don’t drop your guard. The Necromorphs aren’t civilized creatures: reloading and even looking at a map is the perfect time to attack.

Put Isaac’s engineering skills to the test by making weapons out of mining tools, and utilize his suit to move through vacuums and zero-gravity environments. Locate and install the Kinesis Module to slow down objects, including the terrifying aliens hunting you down.

There’s nowhere else to go but forward in Dead Space. Help Isaac on his desperate quest to find a way out of hell, and track down any sign of the woman he loves.