Microsoft Buys Mojang


Much can be said about the popular game Minecraft. It’s one of the few games to build a bridge across the entire gaming community. Outside of its quirky graphics and refreshingly simple gameplay lies an enigma, the creator Markus Persson, otherwise known as “Notch.” Minecraft has been incredibly popular on the consoles and mobile devices with millions of versions sold for XBOX, PC, Playstation, and iOS, but this successful game has a new home.

Microsoft made a statement today that they have reached an agreement with Mojang, purchasing the company for $2.5 billion. The transition will be finalized close to the end of 2014. Microsoft also stated that the game will remain available on all of the platforms it currently provides for.

During all of the good news, Notch made an announcement on his website that he is leaving Mojang once the deal is finalized, saying “It’s not about the money, it’s about my sanity”, but he also said he is going to continue doing what he loves.

Personally, I feel Notch deserves all of the praise for making such an exemplary game, but he is human and has the choice to go his own way. I wish him the best of luck on future projects.