More Pokéleaks! Mega Sharpedo, Mega Camerupt, and Mega Gallade Confirmed


Today was a pretty eventful day for all the Pokémon fans awaiting the release of “Omega Ruby” and Alpha Sapphire. Ironically, the leaks where leaked! Shonen Sunday released a few pages from the next issue of CoroCoro, the most popular source for Pokémon leaks. CoroCoro has revealed a few new mega evolutions and the new “Primal Abilities” of Groudon and Kyogre, the game mascots. The new leaks include:

A mega evolution for Gallade.

A mega evolution for Sharpedo.

A mega evolution for Camerupt.
Here’s what we’ve got:

Mega Sharpedo has the Strong Jaw ability.
Mega Camerupt has the Sheer Force ability.
Primal Kyogre has the Sea of Beginnings ability.
Primal Groudon has the Land of Endings ability.
Primal Groudon has a new signature move called Cliff’s Blade.

It is also confirmed that the primal abilities will cause “Strong Sunlight” and “Strong Rain” so perhaps the abilities induce a permanent weather effect as long as they are in play? The effects are unconfirmed, so we can only speculate and feast our eyes on the pictures from the magazine.

That’s all for news. Thanks for reading!

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