Pokemon of the Week – Aegislash


The Pokemon of the week is Aegislash! Aegislash was released in the 6th generation and was a fan-favorite for a long time once the games were released. Aegislash evolves from Doublade when you use a Dusk Stone on it. It has two forms in battle; a Blade form and a Shield form. The Shield form is more defensive than the Blade form, and the Blade form is more offensive than the Shield form. This thing can be very annoying when you’re up against one; I know this personally since I normally use Sylveon on my team and Aegislash shuts it down. Aegislash is number 681 in the National Pokedex. The Alpha Sapphire Pokedex says that “generations of kings were attended by these Pokemon, which used its spectral power to manipulate and control the people and Pokemon”. But the Omega Ruby Pokedex entry states that “this Pokemon can detect innate qualities of leadership. It is said that whoever this Pokemon recognizes is destined to be king”.


So a competitive set that found its way into VGC14 was a Quiet nature, Weakness Policy set. This thing was a beast, with the moveset of King’s Shield, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, and Sacred Sword. But Sacred Sword can be switched out for Shadow Sneak for priority to get any low HP Pokemon on the opposing team up out of there. Flash Cannon gets rid of any Sylveons that want to go up against you. The E.V Spread for this set is 252 HP/ 4 Attack/ 252 Special Attack. This is a very special and regular attack based set, but is very effective.


At the beginning, I hated Aegislash when it was released. I hated the design and everything about it. But then I used it in a battle on BattleSpot (against my will) and I liked it a lot. I fell in love with the amazing power this Pokemon wielded. It is good for Doubles too, if you do competitive battling. I’ll see you next week with another Pokemon!