Pokemon of the Week – Gliscor


The Pokemon of the week is Gliscor! Gliscor was released in Generation 4 (Sinnoh region) as an evolution to Gligar. It’s highest stat lies in its attack and defense, allowing it to take hits and dish them out as well. Gliscor is the Fang Scorpion Pokémon and is number 472 in the national pokedex. In the pokedex in “Pokémon X” it states that Gliscor observes its prey while hanging inverted from branches. When the chance presents itself, it swoops! But in the Y version, the pokedex entry states that its flight is soundless. It uses its lengthy tail to carry off its prey. Then uses its elongated fangs to do the rest. This Pokemon closely resembles a vampire bat that got cross-bred with a scorpion.

Gliscor is a very large Pokémon, standing at a height of 6’7”. It is mainly a blueish-purple color with a vampire bat appearance. Its tail has two sharp points that give the impression of vampire fangs. The pads at the bottom of its feet have a darker color than the rest of its body. Gliscor has tiny legs that are connected to its tiny feet. Each foot has 2 pointed toes on them. Its red arms are detached from the black wings that take up most of its back, allowing the pinchers to have full mobility. The giant pinchers seem to have an overbite because the bottom part is much larger and curls over the top. The inside of its ears are the same shade of red as its arms and middle body area. Gliscor’s yellow eyes have a menacing look to them when its seen with its mouth in a mischievous smile that shows all 6 of its fangs. The black wings on its back have sharp points all around it and have a cape-like look to them.

Most Gliscors in the OU tier run a physically defensive set because of its physical defensive stat being so high. The moveset for it would most likely be Roost, Fling, Acrobatics, and Earthquake, but some people have taunt or toxic instead of fling. It will have the toxic orb that will end up triggering the Poison Heal ability.  Poison Heal allows the Pokémon that has been poisoned to gain health back, like leftovers. It would have an Impish nature with the E.V. spread of 252 HP/ 56 Defense/ 200 Speed. Being a dual type with ground and flying, it is weak to water and ice type moves. So if you encounter a physically defensive Gliscor try hitting it with an ice beam, or any ice type move to knock it out.

I have yet to use my Gliscor in battlespot. I’m not sure how well he’ll do but he runs a completely offensive set with Earthquake, Sky Uppercut, X-scissor, and Ice Fang. He was a gift from a friend. He has a Brave nature with the ability Hyper Cutter. The E.V. spread is 252 HP/ 56 Attack/ 200 Speed. Which is very similar to the other set, I just switched defense for attack. He’d also be holding the Choice Band for Battlespot.

Overall, Gliscor seems like a very promising Pokémon and I’m definitely going to start using him in Battlespot. It sounds like an amazing physical wall for a team. If you haven’t used Gliscor before, you should check him out! Who knows, you might be surprised with how it turns out!