Pokemon Of The Week- Typhlosion


The Pokémon of this week is Typhlosion! Typhlosion was released in the 2nd Gen (“Gold and Silver“) as the final evolution of the fire starter, Cydaquil. It is number 157 in the National pokedex and is classified as the Volcano Pokémon. Typhlosion’s highest base stats lies in its Special Attack and Speed, which allows it to out speed and unleash a powerful Eruption. However, Typhlosion is only in the NU tier and I think that is due to being only a single type Pokémon. With all the weaknesses it has, it was bumped down to NU. If used correctly, this could be a very powerful Pokémon. According to the pokedex in X version, it says that if its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames. In the pokedex in Y version, it states that this Pokémon has a secret, devastating move. It rubs its blazing fur together to cause huge explosions.
Typhlosion’s appearance is based off of a badger and is often seen walking on two legs instead of four. But when it runs in the anime, it switches over to four legs. It has a simple color pattern with a yellow underside and a navy blue color for his backside and ears. However, flames dart out of the back side near his neck, giving him an intimidating appearance during battle. Typhlosion_by_Xous54

I’ve never actually ran a Typhlosion in battle spot, but I do know a few sets you could run by watching Wifi battles on Youtube. One good set to try would be a Choice Scarfed Typhlosion with the ability Blaze and a timid nature. The move set would be Eruption, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Hidden Power (Grass), although you could switch out Fire Blast for Flamethrower. E.V spread should be 4 Defense/ 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed. Eruption is a powerful move to use when you’re at full HP but if you get below 73% HP eruptions base power becomes lower than Fire Blast so you should switch over once you hit 73%. Plus, the Hidden Power Grass hits water types, so they aren’t much of a problem unless they hit first. Another set you could run is a Choice Specs Typhlosion. Now, this set is very similar to the Choice Scarf set. Timid Nature, Blaze ability, same E.V spread, the only thing that really changes slightly is the moveset. The move set is Eruption, Fire Blast, Hidden Power (Grass), and Extrasensory. Although you’ll notice that people run Focus Blast, making it the same exact set as the other one, just with a different battle item.

When I played “Heart Gold” and “Soul Silver” I started out with Cydaquil and got a Typhlosion in the end. It holds a special place in my heart and is still one of my favorites to this day, even if it’s in the lower tier. It seems like an interesting Pokémon to have on an NU team and I’d like to see it used more.