Wants of the Masses #5: Drakengard 3


Hello there, guys and gals! Welcome to Wants of the Masses. I’m Thomas and I will be your most beloved host for this evening. This is an article in which I will discuss games, tech, or just about anything that you, the general public, are looking forward to! So let’s just get down to business, shall we? This week’s topic of conversation is none other than a game I personally have been waiting a very long time for, “Drakengard 3”. If you haven’t had the joy and experience of the first two games, you are severely missing out.

“Drakengard 3”, originally released in Japan as “Drag-On Dragoon 3”, is an action role-playing game developed by Access Games and published by Square Enix exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It is the prequel to “Drakengard”. The story focuses on Zero, a mysterious woman who partners with a dragon named Mikhail to kill her five goddess sisters who rule the world’s different regions. As she travels in this medieval world, the player discovers the true reason behind Zero’s rampage and grudge against her sisters.

Zero. Source: twinfinite.net

The game will be available as a digital-only release in Europe, though both digital and retail versions will be launched in North America. It will be released on May 20th. A new trailer containing the game’s opening cinematic sequence has also been released, which you can check out here. It has all the dragon-riding and hack-slashing a growing action role-playing fan needs.  Want to see what comes in the collector’s edition? Maybe you should preorder first.

Square Enix has set up three tiers of preorders for “Drakengard 3”. In order to receive the Japanese voice DLC for the game, fans must preorder before March 4th. That’s the first tier. Those who preorder after March 4th but before April 8th only get tiers two and three, which are unannounced bonuses. After April 8th only the third tier. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


My head hurts. Moving on.

The collector’s edition, priced at $79.99, is limited to 5,000 copies and is only available through Square Enix’s online store.

It includes:

  • – All three tier pre-order incentives mentioned above
  • – The Complete Novella
  • – Official soundtrack CD sampler
  • – Prequel stage DLC – Play as Zero’s sister, One, in this additional level
  • – Caim Costume DLC – Protagonist of the original “Drakengard” (Once equipped, stamina consumption decreases by half when using a skill)
  • – Giant Baby Hat DLC – For your in-game dragon companion
  • Drakengard 3″ collectible poster

Drakengard 3 stars a woman named Zero who runs through her world with an odd, boyish-looking guy named Dito. Dito “likes to watch others die,” according to series producer Takamasa Shiba. Our heroine can also go through her adventure with one of three companions who are…ready?…”a conservative 40-year-old man…masochist who likes to be slashed”, an “old man [who is] full of sexual energy”, and a “typical Square Enix RPG character, very handsome, very good-looking, [but] everything he says is wrong.” Wikipedia informs me that, according to a translation of a Japanese article about this game, they are there to “accompany Zero to satisfy her sexual wants.” Very strange, I know…

But never fear! While this game might not be graphically appealing due to its release on the PS3, it still retains the famous “Drakengard” gameplay we all know and love. What you see when you look at the gameplay of “Drakengard” is Zero getting her white clothes bloody as the player switches melee weapons and dices up enemies. As the blood spills, a meter fills up. When it’s all red, the player can invoke an “Intoner Mode”, which slows enemies down and speeds Zero’s attacks up. It’s old-school, but fantastic looking none-the-less.

If I were you guys, I’d head out and start to see about picking myself up a pre-order as soon as possible! I am definitely going to go and get mine soon enough. This game releases soon, so you better get working on it! Don’t forget to check back next week for the next segment of Wants of the Masses. Catch you later guys and gals! –Thomas

Thanks for reading! The preorder is available here. If you’d like, you can also purchase “Drakengard” here and “Drakengard” 2 here from Amazon.