Nintendo’s April Direct


Today on April 1, 2015, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct which was jam packed with information on upcoming releases. The Direct started with a trailer for the release of Mewtwo as DLC for Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U. The character will be released on April 28th for $3.99 or for $4.99 if you purchase for both versions of the game. An update will release alongside Mewtwo that gives us more costumes for the Mii Fighter.
Mii Fighter Costumes
A trailer revealed Lucas as future Smash Bros DLC for release in June. Also revealed, was a new micro-site on called Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. This allows the community to nominate and vote for any character for future DLC.

The next three waves of amiibo were revealed:
next wave amiiborevealed amiibo
A new free title for Wii U was revealed called Amiibo Tap Nintendo’s Greatest Bits. Using amiibo figures, you unlock timed segments of classic Nintendo games. Everyone’s amiibo will unlock a random game. We also got a well placed Forrest Gump reference by Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata. A Mario Maker trailer was then shown; this game is set to release in September. The Direct then turned over to Bill Trinen from Nintendo of America. He wasted no time and hopped right into the next topic, Yoshi’s Wooly World. A new wool amiibo was revealed for the game that allows the player to play with double the Yoshi.
Yarn Yoshi amiibo
Next, Two new modes were revealed for Splatoon. Ranked Battle is an online mode with a ranking system. The Battle Dojo is a two player 1v1 mode where one player is looking at the TV and the other is looking at the Wii U game pad. Splatoon is set to release on May 29th. The game is also getting its own amiibo
Splatoon amiibo
Wii U’s Virtual Console is getting Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS titles.
64 and DS
The Direct then turned to Damon Baker from Nintendo of America. Damon covered all the Indie titles coming to the Nintendo eShop. Titles include Adventures of Pip, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, forma.8, Dementium: Remastered, Affordable Space Adventures, STARWHAL, Never Alone, Ninja Pizza Girl, Antipole DX, Life of Pixel, BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition, Slain!, Runbow, Back to Bed, Space Hulk, Race the Sun, DOOORS, Dot Arcade, Swords and Soldiers 2, Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails, Toto Temple Deluxe, The Bridge, Shutshimi, Nova-111, and Windup Knight 2.

The next trailer was the first trailer for Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

The next big announcement was a new Wii U title, the next in the Fatal Frame series.
The next game is a 3DS title by HAL Laboratories called Box Boy to be released on April 2nd on the eShop.
A new Pokémon spinoff game was announced, Pokémon Rumble World, available on the 3DS eShop on April 8th. The dual game, Puzzle and Dragons Z/Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, will be released on May 22nd. Pre-orders are available now on with a demo available on April 30th.
Puzzle and Dragons
The next 3DS title from Atlus is called Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains. This game, based on the popular manga/anime series, goes on sale in May. To promote this title, the first two episodes of the anime are now available on 3DS eShop.
Two new games are being added to Mii Plaza, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z. Also, StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium was revealed. This new feature adds new content to Mii Plaza and will be available on April 16th.
A new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D debuted.

A new trailer for the next Fire Emblem game was debuted. It was also revealed that for the first time on a Fire Emblem game, the main character is customizable, and the player gets to make a pivotal decision in the story arc. The game will be released in 2016.

A new Animal Crossing game was revealed titled “Animal Crossing Animal Home Designer” which uses special amiibo cards to unlock characters from the series. Available in Fall 2015, this game will release alongside a wireless scanner to allow 3DS and 2DS to use amiibo figures and cards.
The final announcements involved Mario Kart 8. The Animal Crossing themed DLC was shown off and the release date was moved from May to April 23rd. New costumes will be available from all upcoming amiibo. The final bit of news was the new 200 cc speed class that will be available in an update available on April 23rd.