Pokemon of the Week – Furfrou


The Pokemon of the week is Furfrou! Furfrou was introduced in 6th Gen (Kalos region) and is famously known for his fluffy fur. It is the Poodle Pokemon and is #676 in the National Pokedex. It is a dog-like pokemon, hence the Poodle definition. In the game you can have Furfrou’s fur designed at certain shops in the Kalos region. The different kinds of trims that you can get are the Heart Trim, Diamond Trim, Star Trim, Pharaoh Trim, Kabuki Trim, La Reine Trim, Matron Tim, Dandy Trim, and Debutante Trim. The Pokedex in “Omega Ruby” states that trimming its fluffy fur not only makes it more elegant, but also increases the swiftness of its movements.


Furfrou is in the NU tier and has a very stalling moveset. Now, this is an “X & Y” tier set so remember that. I couldn’t find the right data to go off of for an “Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” competitive set. It needs to hold Leftovers and have a Jolly nature with a moveset of Toxic, Thunder Wave, U-Turn, Return. Plus, the E.V spread of 252 HP/ 4 Defense/ 252 Speed to be effective in this tier. Furfrou’s best stat is it’s speed with a base 102. Its a fast Poodle and is great for a stalling use.

I personally love dogs, and Furfrou is a giant poodle. It’s amazing by my standards and I love the fact that you can change it’s hair and fur style to one that you like. I love the variety, and the fur style allowed you to have a choice which was fun. You get to put your spin on things, even with its moveset! I’ts a fun pokemon and I suggest it to anyone who has an interests in dogs.